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Day: April 11, 2011

Tanker Salute to a Bridge

Tanker Salute to a Bridge


The 85 meter long  tanker Salute allided with a road bridge over the canal near the village of Jeddeloh II, Edewecht, Germany.   The vessel was underway from Oldenburg  heading for Dorpen when it approached Jeddeloh II.  As the tanker approached the road bridge, the vessel’s bridge was too high.  The wheelhouse was crushed.   The crew of the Salute had not lowered the variable height bridge sufficiently.   

Reports state the damage was over 40.000€  to the vessel.   The arch road bridge also suffered some damage (around 40.000€) and traffic was halted until an inspection could be made.  The master of the Saluate was asleep at the time of the incident.  The crewman at the helm suffered minor injuries from the collision, but was examined by police and found to be intoxicated as well.   The crewman was reported to have a pay a hefty fine.

The tanker generally carries cargo of cooking oil, but was empty at the time of the incident.   No reports of pollution being released.

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