Rena Aground

Rena Aground

The 236 meter long, 47230 dwt container ship Rena went aground on the Astrolabe Reef north of Motiti Island near the Tauranga Harbor, New Zealand.   The freighter has suffered significant damage with two cargo holds flooded and the vessel has developed a 12 degree list.  Pumps are in use to keep the water out of the holds.  None of the 25 crew on board were injured.  The heavy fuel oil tanks were undamaged, but the fuel is being transferred from the port to starboard side as a preventive measure.   Some hydraulic oil has been released.   Authorities have deployed a team of trained pollution control responders to the scene.

Link to a video of the grounding

Another video of the grounding

Update 1

Reports state the Rena had been detained in port recently.  In August, the Rena was in Freemantle, Australia and was detained because of defective hatchway covers and improper cargo storage.

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