Costa Concordia Update

Costa Concordia Update


Three Survivors Found

Firefighters continue to search the cruise ship for survivors as air runs out  for those trapped on board.  A couple from South Korea on their honeymoon were found alive.   They were on deck 8 when they found the emergency exits blocked.   They  spent the night screaming to attraction attention in the cold and dark.  Rescuers reported they were in good shape and they stated they will be plan a “second” honeymoon, but they will not be doing a cruise again.

The head purser was also rescued.  As he was helping people reach the lifeboats, he decided to check the dining room on deck 3 to see if anyone had been left behind.   In the dining room he slipped and fell breaking his leg.  He laid there until rescuers were able to winch him out of the vessel.  He was reported in good condition and be treated at hospital.

Two Bodies Recovered, 17 Missing

Two men who did not survive were found by Coast Guard divers.  The two men were in the starboard-aft section on the area designated as the “third bridge”.  The two elderly men had life vests on and were found near their designated collection point.  This leaves some 11 passengers and 6 crew still missing.   Some passengers have been found or had already left the vessel prior to the sailing to the Island of Giglio.

Salvage Firm Hired

The salvage company Smit has been contracted to remove the fuel off the Costa Concordia.  The company has stated they will begin pumping operations after search and recovery is completed.  It will take more than two weeks to pump the 2400 tons of fuel off the vessel.

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