Photo: KNRM


On May 12, 2012, the 100 meter long self-propelled barge Amandus sank on the Markermeer near Lelystad, Netherlands.   The vessel was carrying a cargo of stones when the crew discovered water ingress in the engine room.   The crew of three were unable to stop the ingress and requested assistance.  The KNRM launched lifeboats from Marken and Enkhuizen along with several other rescue boats proceeded to the scene.  A nearby barge reached the Amandus first and safely rescued all three crewmen.  No reports of injuries.   The Amandus proceeded to sink until it hit bottom leaving the deck awash.  Authorities spotted a small amount of oil sheen in the water, but no boom was required.  Buoys were placed around the wreck.  The police launched an investigation into the incident.


Mammoet Maritime arrived on scene and began salvage operations.  Two tugs along with other vessels were able to lift the Amandus to the surface by May 17.  Photos of the salvage operation can be seen on

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