Viking Forseti’s Bad Month

Viking Forseti’s Bad Month


Some vessels are known as “Hard Luck”.   The 135 meter long passenger ship Viking Forseti was involved in three incidents during this month.

On September 23, it allided with a high voltage line over the Main-Donau Canal.   The Forseti’s deck crane had not been retracked when it struck the powerline.  This led to a short-circuit and resulted in a power blackout.   Traffic to be halted on the canal and the nearby freeway A73.   No reports of injuries to the crew or 180 passengers or crew and no pollution released.   Reports state the cable was only 10 meters above the water at the time of the incident.  Damage was estimated to be over 40,000 euros.

On September 11, the Viking Forseti collided with another vessel in a lock on the Danube.  No injuries, damage or pollution released.  The vessel was detained 18 hours while the incident was being investigated and the vessel was inspected by authorities.  The Viking Forseti proceeded on the cruise when it was struck by another vessel.   Again no injuries, damage or pollution released, but the passenger ship was delayed a second time.



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