Collision on Wester Scheldt

Collision on Wester Scheldt

Dan Fighter

On March 4, the 64 meter long, 1260 dwt cargo vessel Dan Fighter collided with the 337 meter long, 118,908 dwt container ship Maersk Genoa on the Wester Scheldt between Breskens and Vlissingen, Netherlands. The Dan Fighter had struck the stern of the Maersk Genoa. Both vessels sustained damage with the Maersk Genoa holed in the stern above the waterline. No reports of injuries or pollution released.

Maersk Genoa

The Dan Fighter was able to resume its voyage from Bilbao to Antwerp later the same day. The Maersk Genoa had just departed from Antwerp bound for Bremerhaven before the collision. The container ship was last reported at anchor. Authorities have launched an investigation into the incident.

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