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Eihatsu Maru Ashore

Eihatsu Maru Ashore

Photo: NSRI

The 164 foot long trawler Eihatsu Maru ran aground off Clifton Beach, Cape Town, South Africa.  The trawler was in dense fog when it struck bottom some 35 meters off shore.  Early reports state the fishing vessel hull was undamaged.  The  NSRI dispatched a rescue boat to the scene and evacuated 19 of the 28 crew on board.   The remaining crew decided to stay on board along with the vessel’s dog.

The vessel’s engines and generators remain operational, but were unable to refloat the vessel.   A tug was requested and will attempt to refloat the Eihatsu Maru at the next high tide.  Authorities are concerned for possible release of pollution from the Eihatsu Maru.  The vessel has some 90 tons of fuel and ammonia on board.

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