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Collision on the Westerscheldt

Collision on the Westerscheldt

Cargo Ship Ufa IMO 9143611 by Ufo23-1

Cargo Ship San Remo Ii IMO 9146053 by PixelOpa

The 4337 dwt freighter Ufa collided with the 10100 dwt bulk freighter San Remo II on the Westerscheldt (Western Scheldt). The Ufa had left Antwerp heading out towards the East gat. The San Remo II was heading to Wielingen from the Terneuzen locks in ballast. Both vessels had damage with the San Remo II having holed in a ballast tank and gash along the port side of the bow. The Ufa had damage along its starboard side of the bow. The vessels were diverted to Flushing to be inspected. Reports state there was dense fog when the vessel collided.

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