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Kiel Canal Collision

Kiel Canal Collision


The 129 meter long, 9006 dwt tanker Rystraum collided with the 159 meter long, 14901 dwt container ship Sandy Rickmers in the Kiel Canal near Breiholz, Germany.  The Rystraum was pushed by a gust of wind and struck the stern of the Sandy Rickmers.   No reports of injuries and no pollution released.  The Rystraum suffered light damage to its wheelhouse while the stem of the Sandy Rickmers suffered slight damage.   Both vessels were able to proceed under their own power to Brunsbuttel.  The water police launched an investigation and allowed both vessels to continue onto their destinations.   The Sandy Rickmers continued on to Antwerp with its cargo of empty containers while the Rystraum headed to Kokkola with its cargo of caustic soda.

Sandy Rickmers

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