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Day: January 9, 2013

Kilian and Getan

Kilian and Getan


The 86 meter long self-propelled barge Kilian and 80 meter long self-propelled Getan became disabled on the Main River near Heidingsfeld, Germany.  The Getan reached the Randersacker lock and was waiting to allow another vessel to pass upstream when it got caught in the strong currents.   The Getan swung perpendicular to the river before alliding with dam.   The Getan became lodged between the dam and the dock.  The Kilian was nearby and attempted to pull the Getan free.  When the Kilian pulled alongside the Getan, its engine failed and the Kilian became stuck in the drainage area of the lock.   The two vessels remained trapped until a workboat was able to take both vessels under tow.  No reports of injuries or pollution released.   The Kilian was able to make repairs and continued on its voyage.  The Getan had suffered damage to its steering gear and was not able to proceed.


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