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The 300 meter long, 111,032 dwt container ship Dali allided with the quay at Antwerp, Belgium. The Dali was attempting to leave the container terminal for Bremerhaven when the bow of the boxship swung around causing the the stern to scrap along the quay. The boxship sustained significant damage to several meters of its hull. No reports of injuries or pollution released. Reports state the Dali was detained in Antwerp after the incident.

Pollution from the Miss Vidalina

Reports state the 90 foot fishing vessel Miss Vidalina had partially sank while docked at the marina on Stock Island, Florida.  The vessel was leaking diesel fuel and oil waste int othe water.   Authorities has responded by placing booms around the vessel and have personnel removing all remaining fuel and oil waste still aboard.  The Coast Guard is conducting an investigation into the incident.

Titan II

The 139 meter long, 3343 dwt heavy lift vessel Titan II caught fire while moored some 500 meters off the coast of Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, Mexico. The Titan II had been idle for over 2 years when smoke was spotted rising from the deck. Reports state the vessel had been vandalized by several people who boarded the vessel stealing pieces of iron off the vessel.  No reports of any crew person on board the vessel at the time.  No details…

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