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Low Water Blues

Low Water Blues

Danube (in blue) and the Canal (in red)
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The level of the Danube has led to several ship groundings.   The self-propelled barge “Hall”, loaded with 850 tons of canola, went aground on a gravel bar on the Danube near Deggendorfer.  The tug Domarin 12 was able to pull the “Hall” free.   The “Hall” suffered damage to its bow thruster and is being detained by the Water Police.

The passenger vessel Primadonna was reported aground on a sand bank near the town of Bechet, Romania.   The vessel with 150 passengers on board got stuck on the bank due to the low water levels.   The passengers were safely unloaded and were continuing their trip overland.  Reports state the were 28 other vessels detained in ports in Romania due to the low water level.

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