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Kapitan Kuznetsov Presume Lost, Found Safe

Kapitan Kuznetsov Presume Lost, Found Safe

The 85 meter long, 920 dwt freighter Kapitan Kuznetsov was reported missing and was pressumed lost in the Barents Sea near (68 08N 042 30E).   The Kapitan Kuznetsov was proceeding to Arkhangelsk, Russia in ballast from Varandei for repair work when it encountered heavy seas reaching 3.5 meters high.   An EPIRB signal was received from the freighter by authorities.  The Russian Search and Rescue Operation Center dispatched a tug to the scene while aircraft remained grounded due to the severe weather.   No distress signal was sent by the crew and the vessel’s last communication was at 0200 Moscow time.  Last report stated there has been some debris spotted, but no trace of the 11 crewmen.  The Kapitan Kuznetsov was designed to operate in rivers and not in heavy seas.


Reports state the icebreaker Dikson found the Kapitan Kuznetsov disabled, but still afloat.  The crew is reported safe.  The Kapitan Kuznetsov had been struck by a wave which knocked out all instruments, communications and rudder control.   The mate on board was injured.  The vessel is to be towed to Arkhangelsk.

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