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Karin Schepers Aground

Karin Schepers Aground

The 141 meter long,  9000 ton boxship Karin Schepers went aground on Cape Cornwall, United Kingdom.   The boxship was bound for Rotterdam from Cork, Ireland went it struck the sandbank.   Reports state the vessel received assistance from the RNLI, local police and the Coast Guard, but no distress signal was sent out.   A helicopter lowered a man to the vessel to determine the condition of the vessel and crew.   All 13 men on board were uninjured and the vessel was seaworthy.   The Karin Schepers was able to release itself by shifting ballast and using the rising tide.   Surveyors were dispatched to meet with the vessel as it continued on to Rotterdam.   No reports of pollution being released.

An initial investigation has stated the Coast Guard had attempted to contact the Karin Schepers before the grounding.   The boxship had been spotted not using the correct traffic lane.  Reports state the Coast Guard was unable to establish communication with the boxship before it went aground.

Link to the video by the RNLI

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