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Kiani Satu

Kiani Satu


The 157 meter long, 19796 dwt freighter Kiani Satu went aground off Knysna, South Africa.   The Kiani Satu had been suffering engine problems and attempted to drop anchor.   However, heavy seas cause the anchor to drag and the freighter was swept ashore.  The master requested assistance and all 19 crew were airlifted off the vessel by the NSRI.  No reports of injuries.  The freighter began leak heavy fuel into the water from a breached tank.   Reports state some 3 tons  oil had been released and an oil was visible on the beach.   Authorities are attempting to contain the pollution while salvors pump oil from the leaking tank into another tank higher up within the vessel.  Weather conditions prevent any underwater repairs to be done at the time.  The Kiani Satu had 15,000 tons of rice from Vietnam bound for Gabon.

More photos of the wreck can be seen here:

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