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Stephen L. Colby

Stephen L. Colby

Stephen L Colby

The 47 meter long, 597 gt towboat Stephen L. Colby sank on the Mississippi River near Le Claire, Iowa.  The towboat was proceeding along the river when it struck a submerged object.  The vessel’s hull was damaged and suffered water ingress.  The Stephen L. Colby was able to reach the riverbank where it sank in 14 feet of water.  No reports of injuries to the 9 crew on board.  The towboat released fuel and lubricant oil into the river.  The Coast Guard placed 3,000 feet of absorbent booms around the partially sunken vessel.  Reports state the vessel had some 89,000 gallons of diesel fuel and oil on board at the time.  River traffic was halted for a short time to allow clean up operations.  Officials from the Coast Guard and United States Environmental Protection Agency have launched an investigation into the incident.


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