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MV Legacy

MV Legacy


Photo credit Ginny and Richard from Bridges Cay


The ferry M/V Legacy went aground on a reef on Cherokee Sound near Lynyard Cay, Abaco.  Reports state the Legacy was struck by a large wave which pushed the vessel onto the reef.  The vessel began to take on water and the crew sent out a distress call.  Personnel from the Royal Bahamas Defence Force, Bahamas Air Sea Rescue Association and U.S. Navy rescued all 18 persons aboard the M/V Legacy.  No reports of injuries.  Reports are unclear if the vessel will able to be salvaged or has broken up on the reef.  The M/V Legacy routinely carries supplies to Abaco from Nassau.

Correction:  The M/V Legacy is a ro-ro ferry not an articulated tug and barge.  Thanks to the site: The Abaco Scientist

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