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Two Disabled Off Cebu

Two Disabled Off Cebu

The ro-ro ferries Trans-Asia 5 and Trans-Asia 3 became disabled off Cebu, Philippines.   The 3376 dwt Trans-Asia 5 became disabled after suffering engine failure.    The vessel requested assistance with  two tugboats responding.   The tugs took the Trans-Asia 5 under tow and proceeded back to port.    No reports of injuries to the 531 persons on board.   There was no damage or pollution released.

The 110 meter long ferry Trans-Asia 3 became disabled near Cebu City.   The Trans-Asia 3 had departed Ozamis City with 188 passenges and 16 crew when the vessel ran out of fuel.   After a short delay and refueling, the Trans-Asia 3 was able to continue and reached port safely.  No reports of injuries, damage or pollution released.  Authorities stated that both vessels will be inspected before they are allowed to sail again.

More information on the vessels here

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