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Photo: uscg

On April 7, the 112 foot long tanker-barge Vengeance was found capsized and later sunk in San Francisco Bay near Oakland, California. The barge was loaded with 4000 gallons of diesel fuel and 300 gallons of hydraulic oil sank in 50 feet of water between Treasure Island and Oakland near the Bay Bridge. No one was on board the vessel when it capsized. No reports of injuries.

A slick of diesel fuel was spotted on the surface over the wreck. Authorities deployed some 3,000 feet of boom to help contain the pollution. No official report on how much fuel had been released. Both state authorities and the Coast Guard are monitoring the site.

Divers were called to perform an inspection of the sunken tanker-barge and plug the fuel vents to impede any further release of diesel fuel or hydraulic fluid.

Local reports state the vessel may have capsized due to the high winds in the bay the night before. The Coast Guard has launched an investigation into the incident.