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Collision off Den Helder

Collision off Den Helder


The 42 meter long, 438 gt fishing vessel Vertrouwen TX 68 collided with the 35 meter long, 154 gt offshore support vessel Maria in the North Sea off Den Helder, Netherlands.  The Maria sank after the collision in rests in water 25 to 30 meters deep.  Two of the five crew on board were rescued.   Three men were reported missing.   Divers went dispatched as it possible that the crewmen were trapped inside, but an inspection found that all five men were able to abandon ship.  Three KNRM  lifeboats, Coast Guard aircraft along with other commerical vessels have join in the search for the missing crewmen.  The cause of the collision was not reported.  More on Dutch Coastguard and KNRM



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