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Bareli Broken

Bareli Broken


The 220 meter long, 41792 dwt container ship Bareli went aground in the East China Sea near Xiangshan, China.   The vessel was bound for Africa in bad weather when it hit bottom and firmly aground.   The container ship suffered severe hull damage with a large fracture nearly breaking the vessel in two.   Several sections of the vessel has suffered heavy flooding causing the vessel’s bow to sink below the surface.    The crew sent out a distress call with a rescue boat arriving on scene an hour later.  All of the vessel’s 21 crew were safely rescued.


Emergency response teams have been deployed to cope with the environmental impact from the fuel spilling or cargo falling into the sea.   The Bareli was reported to have 1913 containers on board.   The owners have stated none of the containers contain any hazardous materials.  Anti pollution vessels were to have several oil booms, a skimmer vessel and several aircraft were ready to drop dispersants if required.

Several vessels were dispatched to the scene to start salvage work.   The crane ship Marine 1 along with supporting tugs reached the scene and plan to unload containers immediately.  This quick response may avoid some of the issues when the container ship Rena went aground in October 2011

The remains of the Container Ship Rena March 2012. Photo: LOC


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