Two Vessels lost off China

Two Vessels lost off China

The night between November 24/25, the 88 meter long freighter Xing Long Zhou 65 and the 96 meter long, bulk freighter Zihai Shun sank off China. Both vessels had been battling strong winds and heavy seas coming from a storm.

The Xing Long Zhou 65  sank on November 24 off the city of Yantai, China.  A distress call was sent out, but authorites couldn’t establish communication with the vessel.  Authorities believe the Xing Long Zhou 65 had foundered with 12 crew and its cargo of stone a few minutes after the distress call was sent out.  Three bodies were recovered, but nine others were still missing.

The Zihai Shun sank on November 25 near Weihai City, China.  The freighter was en route for Bayuquan from Wenzhou with 14 crew when it was overwhelmed in the heavy seas. Seven bodies were recovered and seven are still listed as missing.

Chinese authorities launched a search and rescue operations.   Along with aircraft and helicopters, some 28 merchant vessels were searching for survivors.

Sihai Shun


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