Tsunami: Shipyard Vessels Sider Joy and Toripan

Tsunami: Shipyard Vessels Sider Joy and Toripan

The Sider Joy is visible at the top of the photo

The nearly completed freighter Sider Joy was under construction at a shipyard near Sendai Yamanishi when struck by the tsunami. Reports state the vessel is aground and damaged. The 9000 dwt freighter was slated to start sea trials beginning in April. One report states the ownership of the vessel rests with the shipyard, Yamanishi Shipbuilding and Iron Works, not the shipping company Siderno. Siderno, who is owned by the Romeo Group, had not yet accepted the vessel making the Sider Joy legally tied to Yamanishi Shipbuilding. Depending on the damage to the vessel, it may be sold as scrap. Damage to the shipyard and the surrounding infrastructure presents a challenge to repair and complete the vessel. A news release states the Sider Joy was valued over 20 million dollars before the tsunami.

Another vessel was in the shipyard, but not as completed as the Sider Joy. The freighter, identified as the Toripan, was in a Ishineomaki shipyard when the tsunami hit. The Toripan was further behind in construction in the shipyard compared to the Sider Joy. Reports state this vessel was damaged.

Reports have stated that there were more than 100 yardworkers on site during the tsunami. It seems that all the workers survived and were accounted for. This may change as more information is provided as extent of damage and lost is made clear.

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