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Day: July 17, 2013

Hansa Brandenburg

Hansa Brandenburg

Brandenburg 1

On July 15, The 175 meter long, 23493 dwt container ship Hansa Brandenburg suffered a fire in the Indian Ocean near Mauritius.  The fire started after there was an explosion in one of the containers  and quickly spread to nearby containers.  The crew contacted the authorities and were rescued by the vessel Donau Trader.  All 17 crew were safely rescued and were taken to Port Louis, Mauritius.  With no one attempting to extinguish the fire, the blaze continue to grow and engulfed the vessel’s superstructure.  Mauritian Authorities and Coast Guard are monitoring the situation and coordinating the situation.  The Hansa Brandenburg had been en route to Durban from Singapore.


Reports state the crew did not attempt to extinguish  the fire before abandoning ship.  The vessel was last reported still burning and adrift


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