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Day: June 16, 2017

Collision off Yokosuka

Collision off Yokosuka

USS Fitzgerald

The 154 meter long,  United States Navy destroyer Fitzgerald collided with the 223 meter long, 39565 dwt container ship ACX Crystal in the early morning hours off Yokosuka, Japan.  The ACX Crystal bow had struck the starboard hull of the Fitzgerald causing significant damage including water ingress in three compartments.  The ACX Crystal sustained scrapes and dents along its bow, but damage is reported to be limited.

The captain of the Fitzgerald sustained injuries and was medivac off the vessel.  Another sailor was evacuated off the vessel by the Japan Coast Guard.  Reports state 7 sailors on the Fitzgerald were reported missing.

The Fitzgerald was able to head back to port under its own power. Escorted by the Japan Coast Guard, the Fitzgerald proceeded with limited propulsion.