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Day: April 8, 2011

Infamous HMS Astute

Infamous HMS Astute

Reports state there was gunfire onboard the British nuclear submarine HMS Astute while moored at Southampton.   One crewman was reported killed while another was in critical condition.   A third crewman was arrested over the shooting.  The Astute’s was on it’s first journey south and planned to be at Southampton for five days.   Several local officals were on board during the shooting.

This is not the first time the submarine’s problems has made the news.   In May 2010, the submarine was on the first day of sea trials when an electrical fire broke out.   In October 2010, the vessel went aground in shallow waters off the Isle of Skye.   Later while being freed, the sub and tug collided causing damage to the sub’s starboard foreplane. 

Other recent British warship accidents

  • February 2009 – submarine HMS Vanguard – sub collides with the French sub Triomphe causing £300M in damage
  • December 2008 – icebreaker HMS Endurance – nearly sank after engine room flooded caused by systemic failures and improper maintenance
  • May 2008 – submarine HMS Superb –  damaged when commander mistakes a “1” for a “7” and dives the sub onto a rocky obstruction
  • March 2007 – submarine HMS Tireless –  2 men killed in blast in the Arctic Ocean caused by systemic failures from an oxygen generator
  • November 2002 – submarine HMS Trafalgar – trainee commander steers the sub onto the rocks off the Isle of Skye
  • July 2002 – destroyer HMS Nottingham – ran aground on charted Wolf Rock and flooded five compartments, over £39M in damage
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