Containers in the water, Captain in Jail

Containers in the water, Captain in Jail


Latest report states 70 containers have fallen off the Rena and have sank,  floating in the sea or have drifted ashore.  No reports to which specific containers and what cargo was inside has been released.  Authorities have issued navigational warnings and expect more containers to break free as the Rena continues to list heavily to starboard.

Jail Time

The Master of the vessel Rena has been arrested and charged by Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) under section 65 of the Maritime Transport Act (MTA) 1994, “for operating a vessel in a manner causing unnecessary danger or risk”.

He will appear in the Tauranga District Court this morning (Wednesday 12 October).

One s65 MTA charge has been laid, but it is likely more charges may follow.

The s65 charge carries a maximum penalty of $10,000, or a maximum term of imprisonment of 12 months.

Video news report

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