Plan B

Plan B

Photos: USCG


The 81 foot long fishing vessel Plan B became disabled while off Kennebunkport, Maine.   The fishing vessel had suffered water ingress and the vessel’s pumps were unable to keep up.   The two men on board contacted the Coast Guard who dispatched a helicopter and rescue boat to the scene.   The Coast Guard also sent out a broadcast asking any boats in the area to assist.   The fishing vessel Cameran Lee responded and was first to reach the Plan B.   The crew were safely transferred over to the Cameran Lee.   The crew was reported to have arranged for salvage as the Plan B was still afloat.


The Plan B sank three hours after the crew was rescued.  The vessel rests in 286 feet of water.   The Coast Guard reported large debris in the water along with a 200 foot wide slick of diesel fuel.

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