Amsterdam Bridge

Amsterdam Bridge


The 260 meter long, 54405 dwt container ship Amsterdam Bridge caught fire in the Indian Ocean near Mumbai, India.  The freighter was en route to Colombo from Mumbai when a fire broke out in the engine room.   The crew was able to drop anchor after loosing power. No reports of injuries to the crew on board. The Indian Coast Guard dispatched two vessels to the scene and monitoring the situation.   No details reported to the extent of damage sustained in the fire.












The two Coast Guard vessels on scene were unable to extinguish the fire.   Additional three vessels were requested and the combine vessels fought the blaze for several hours.   However, the fire reignited inside several cargo containers and soon the middle section of the vessel was ablaze.  Several containers loaded with hazardous and noxious chemicals did catch fire and released into the air.  No reports of injuries.   Several reports stated that the Coast Guard was able to douse the fire by the next day.

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