Lybov Orlova

Lybov Orlova

Lyubov Orlova

On January 24, the decommissioned 220 meter long, 1465 dwt passenger ship Lyubov Orlova went adrift in the North Atlantic near Cape Race, Newfoundland. The 29 meter long tug Charlene Hunt departed from St. John’s, Canada with the Lyubov Orlova under tow.  The vessels were en route to the Dominican Republic when the towline broke in bad weather.  The tug’s crew attempted for several days to attach the towline, but were unable to attach a towline in the worsening weather.

Charlene Hunt

Reports forecast the storm to increase with waves to reach upwards to 20 meters high.  Authorities have ordered the Charlene Hunt back to port due to safety concerns for the vessel and crew.  The Lyubov Orlova was last reported adrift and not a hazard to shipping as it was away from navigation routes.  Several reports predict the former passenger ship will not stay afloat in the storm.  The Lyubov Orlova was to be dismantled at a scrapyard in the Dominican Republic after sitting docked for two years in St. John’s.

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