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Day: March 13, 2017

Kum San

Kum San

The 132 meter long, 8576 dwt cargo vessel Kum San capsized and sank off Lianyuanhang, China. The Kum San was at anchor when it was struck by a bunkering tanker.  The tanker was maneuovering when it struck into the hull of the Kum San. The Kum San suffered a large breach below the waterline causing uncontrolled water ingress.

The cargo vessel developed a severe list forcing the crew to abandon ship into a lifeboat. All 27 crew of the Kum San were rescued by Chinese Coast Guard assisted by nearby ships. No reports of injuries.

The Kum San continued to list until it capsized and sank just a few hours after the collision. Authorities are monitoring the area for pollution. Reports state the Kum San had several tons of fuel on board when it sank.

Initial investigations found the Kum San transponder was either malfunctioning or turned off which may be the leading factor why the vessels collided. The Kum San was thought to be loaded with cargo of possibly coal and had been at anchor for over a week.