Meredith C. Reinauer

Meredith C. Reinauer

Meredith C. Reinauer

The tanker-barge RTC 150 being pushed by the 38 meter long, 195 dwt towboat Meredith C. Reinauer ran aground on the Hudson River near Catskill, New York. The tanker-barge, loaded with 2.5 million gallons of gasoline, had run onto the rocks some 30 feet from the navigation channel in 6 feet of water. No reports of injuries.

Local and state authorities along with the Coast Guard arrived on scene. While no signs of pollution being released, authorities decided that the cargo of gasoline should be lightered onto another tanker-barge before any attempts to refloat the RTC 150. The lighter operations were completed later the same day. The Coast Guard then inspected the RTC 15o for damage.


With no signs of damage and no pollution released, the RTC 150 was refloated. The barge was towed to Albany where it will undergo further inspection.

Reports state the cause of the grounding may be due to the foggy weather. However, the report also states the Meredith C. Reinauer was enabled with GPS navigation.

State authorities have launched an investigation into the incident.

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