MSC Daniela

MSC Daniela

MSC Daniela
Photo: Sri Lanka Air Force

The 366 meter long, 162,867 dwt container ship MSC Daniela caught fire in the Indian Ocean 120 miles off Colombo, Sri Lanka. The MSC Daniela was en route to Suez Canal from Singapore when a fire started in one of the containers in the aft section. The fire quickly grew and engulfed more containers.  Unable to contain the blaze, the vessel changed course and proceeded to an anchorage off Colombo.

Four vessels from the Sri Lanka Navy and 2 vessels from the Indian Navy were dispatched to the scene to assist. Tugs from the Sri Lanka Ports Authority also assisted in firefighting efforts. The Sri Lankan Air Force also dispatched a helicopter with a bambi bucket to assist.

No reports of injuries. Early reports from April 5 state the fire continues to burn.

Update 1

The fire was brought under control at approximately 0630 hrs local time on Wednesday 5th April.

MSC is currently in discussion with the local authorities to berth the vessel at the appropriate time.   Once the ship is considered safe, an investigation into the cause of the fire will be formally initiated.

The extent of the damage and cargo losses will not be known until the vessel has safely berthed and has undergone a thorough inspection.



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