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Day: January 25, 2019

Seven Runaway Vessels

Seven Runaway Vessels

Captain JP III

On January 25, seven vessels broke free from their moorings on the Hudson River near Albany, New York. Five barges, one tugboat and the 140 foot long passenger ship Captain JP III broke free after rains and warming weather caused the water level on the river to rise and released several ice jams.  Pulled downstream, the Captain JP III drifted until it struck the railroad bridge.  The passenger ship was too tall to pass under the bridge and became wedged under the span.  Many of the other vessels were able to pass under the bridge without mishap, but several did strike the bridge.

Multiple tugs were dispatched and were able to free the Captain JP III and recover the other unmanned tugboats and barges.  No reports of injuries.

Authorities report the bridge did sustain some minor damage, but the bridge should remain in operation.  The Captain JP III sustained significant hull damage to its stern.