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Day: June 10, 2020

Annie Gas 09

Annie Gas 09

On June 9, the 106 meter long, 3688 dwt LPG tanker Annie Gas 09 collided with a fishing vessel TH 90282 TS in the Gulf of Tonkin near Hai Phong, Vietnam. The tanker had struck the fishing vessel during the early morning hours. The TH 90282 TS was heading to fish for squid off Hai Phong in moderate seas when the vessels collided. Reports state the fishing vessel quickly sank and only 2 of the 7 crew on board were rescued by the Annie Gas 09. One crew was at the helm and was thrown into the sea. He was able to grab onto a floating buoy until he was rescued. The other surviving crewman was below deck in his cabin during the collision. He states the fishing vessel quickly flooded and was able to find his way out of the vessel as it sank.

TH 90282 TS

Authorities launched a search and rescue mission for the missing crew.  Nearby vessels along with rescue boats assisted in the search. Reports state the Annie Gas 09 recovered the body of one crew of the TH 90282 TS from the water. Both survivors of the TH 90282 TS were later taken ashore for treatment for injuries.

No reports of injuries, damage or pollution released on the Annie Gas 09.  Authorities have launched an investigation into the incident.