Allision Twice in Kiel Canal

Allision Twice in Kiel Canal

Photo: Bart Hakze

The 73 meter long, 2775 dwt freighter Solveig K allided with the Holtenau Lock on the Kiel Canal.   The freighter suffered bow damage as it struck the lock wall.   When the investigators boarded the vessel, they found the master intoxicated.  The pilot was located in the engine room.   The freighter had lost its stearing gear and the pilot had to issue commands in the engine room.

With the first mate placed  in command, the Solveig K was ordered to berth at the Voith Quay where further questioning would be conducted.  When the Solveig K tried to berth, the main engine failed allowing the freighter to drift into the emergency floodgate.   The floodgate broke loose and suffered severe damage.   A tug was called in and pushed the Solveig K to the quay.

Reports state the master of the Solveig K was replaced and was allowed to resume its voyage to Ghent.

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