MV Rak Foundered

MV Rak Foundered

The 740 foot long bulk freighter MV Rak Carrier sank off the coast of Mumbai, India. The freighter was bound from Lubuk Tutung, Indonesia to Dahej, India with a cargo of 60,000 tons of coal.  The MV Rak had sent out a distress call that the vessel was sinking and needed assistance.   The Coast Guard and Navy responded sending ships and helicopters to the scene.   All 30 crew on board were rescued.  However, there is conflicting reports if some crew had abandoned ship before being rescued.   Initial investigation into the sinking points to water ingress in the forward hold which caused the MV Rak to sink.

After the sinking, the MV Rak was reported releasing pollution of oil at a rate of one ton per hour.  The vessel had 325 tons of fuel oil and 56 tons of diesel when it sank.   A 12 mile oil slick extends from the freighter and the coastlines are coated in oil patches and tar balls.   Authorities are attempting to control the spill using dispersants.  Pollution control vessels are on scene.    Local fisherman have been told not to fish in the impacted area.   This area had previously been impacted by an oil spill with the sinking of the MSC Chitra in 2010.


Rescue Video from NDTV



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