Recall: Najaden

Recall: Najaden


On June 2, 2010, the Caland Bridge in the port area of Rotterdam was lowered on the 105 meter long, 3826 dwt freighter Najaden (alt. name Najland)  while the vessel was outward bound in ballast in the Caland Canai. The Najaden was following a car carrier under the bridge, when the bridge was lowered too early and hit the superstructure.  The bridge keeper did not notice the Najaden and lowered the remote operated bridge too early until it struck straight down onto the Najaden’s standard compass bridge.   Everything on the roof top was destroyed.  The funnel and the exhaust gas pipes were blocked causing the vessel to go dead in the water.  The vessel was out of service 8 weeks for repairs.

Video cameras caught the incident below.


More photos of the damage from

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