Collision off Immingham

Collision off Immingham

On December 3, the 140 meter long, 5000 dwt car carrier City of Rotterdam collided with the 200 meter long,  10,407 dwt ro-ro passenger ferry Primula Seaways on the Humber near Immingham,  England. The Primula Seaways was coming from Rotterdam with 25 persons in bad weather with strong winds and heavy rains.  As it approached the Humber, the Primula Seaways struck head-on with the City of Rotterdam.

City of Rotterdam

The City of Rotterdam sustained extensive damage to its portside bow.  The car carrier had a 40 foot long breach over multiple decks and a notable crack in the hull. No reports of injuries on either vessel.

The Primula Seaways proceeded to Killinghome Haven while the City of Rotterdam berthed in Immingham.  Authorities have detained both vessels and launched an investigation into the incident. The cause of the collision has not yet been reported.

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