Hakki Cillioglu

Hakki Cillioglu

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The 109 meter long, 6270 dwt freighter Hakki Cillioglu went ashore during a storm on the Black Sea at Pitsunda, Abkhazia.   The Hakki Cillioglu was berthed in the port for refueling when high winds caused the mooring lines to break.   The winds pushed the freighter onto the near by beach.  No reports of injuries.   The freighter Apsini attempted multiple times to pull the Hakki Cillioglu off the beach, but failed after the tow cable snapped.  No reports state other attempts to salvage the freighter will be attempted.

The Hakki Cillioglu had been moored in the port for several months after the vessel suffered a mechanical failure with the steering system.  While in port, the vessel ran out of fuel and only a small number of crew remained on board.  Before the vessel went aground, it was not certain if the owner has sufficient funds to repair the vessel and pay the crew.

In October 2010, the Hakki Cillioglu ran aground near Constanta, Samsun, Romania.  The freighter had been at anchor outside the port waiting to get a new cargo loaded when a storm struck.   The storm caused the anchor chains to drag until it grounded some 50 meters from the shoreline.   The crew of nine were rescued safely and the vessel was refloated by a tug soon after.

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