Recall: TK Bremen

Recall: TK Bremen

Photo: Marine nationale

On December 16, 2011, the 109 meter long, 6605 dwt freighter TK Bremen went ashore in the Bay of Biscay along the Quiberon peninsula near Etel River, France.  After an inspection of the vessel, the damage was too severe and salvage was not cost effective.  Thus, a scrapping operation began onsite where the freighter was beached.   The greatest concern to scrapping the vessel was to avoid any environmental damage as the TK Bremen rested in a nature reserve.  Scrapping began in earnest after workers removed the remaining 220 tons of fuel oil still within the vessel’s tanks.    Forty workers spent two-weeks around the clock to dismantle the vessel.   By January 23, 2012, the TK Bremen had been reduced to scrap metal leaving just a small section of the bow in the water.  Special machines were brought in to recover any smaller pieces of metal which was completed in February.  By April, the beach was restored back near to its natural state before the operations began. Reports state the cost of scrapping and removing the freighter was over  10,000,000 euros .

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