Seawind Abandoned and Lost

Seawind Abandoned and Lost

The 101 meter long, 3639 dwt freighter Seawind sank near the port of Fortaleza, Brazil.  The Seawind had been at anchor when it suffered water ingress.   The water ingress was uncontrolled and eventually flooded the vessel until it sank in 10 feet of water.  The vessel’s superstructure and bow remained above the waterline.  No reports of injuries.


The vessel had been at Fortaleza since May 2011 when the vessel had suffered a failure in the engine’s cooling system.   The crew headed to the nearest port which was Fortaleza where it dropped anchor.   The vessel stayed in Fortaleza, but was seized by authorities as collateral for a debt.   The crew remained on board until October 2011 when they gave up on receiving back pay leaving the vessel abandoned with some 40 tons of granite cargo still on board.

An oil spill was spotted around the vessel shortly after the vessel sank.   The Brazilian Navy dispatched a vessel to the scene and placed a boom around the Seawind to contain the pollution.   Divers were called in to inspect the hull and found damage near the stern.   No word on salvage attempts.


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