Week in Review

Week in Review

Photo: koopvaardij.blogspot.de

One half of the self-propelled tanker barge Anna Soraya was towed into Ijmuiden by the tug Ferox on September 6. The Anna Soraya had broke-in-two in the Bay of Biscay with the bow section sinking.

photo: bayofplentytimes.co.nz

A 25 meter long, 250 ton section of the Rena broke off and sank into the water during rough seas this week (Visible in the photo above).   The section held salvage equipment including cutting equipment worth thousands of dollars.  Reports state the equipment will be recovered by divers and the the section will be cut-up and removed.

Photo: odt.co.nz

Two fishing vessels sank in Breaksea Sound, Fiordland, New Zealand after filling with rainwater.   The oyster boat Karaka and the fishing vessel Michelle had been moored together when they sank spilling some 100 litres of fuel and oil into the water.   Authorities state the pollution was dispersed by strong winds and waves.   No one was on board the vessels at the time of the sinking.

Photo: USCG

United States Coast Guard Crews work on removing the grounded 202 foot long freighter Jireh.   The Jireh’s hull had deteriorated making salvage impossible.   The response crew are working to lift the freighter off the beach and refloat it a short distance to a site where it will be allowed to sink.  More on the grounding can be read here.

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