Danube Collision

Danube Collision


The 80 meter long self-propelled barge Carl Presser and the 86 meter long self-propelled barge Gau collided on the Danube River near Deggendorf, Germany.  The two vessels were about to pass each other on their starboard side when the Carl Presser went aground on a gravel bar.  The Carl Presser was turned around in the river current in front of the Gau.  The Gau’s pilot had the vessel go full astern, but the vessel was unable to stop in time before the two collided.  The Gau’s bow struck the starboard section of the Carl Presser stern.  Reports state each vessel suffered around 25,000 Euros in damage.


The Gau proceeded to Deggendorf under its own power.  The Carl Presser was refloated itself and proceeded to Deggendorf as well.  Reports state the Carl Presser had to leave the fairway in a bend in the river to allow the Gau to pass.  The Carl Presser was en route to Austria from Regensburg with 1000 tons of soy meal.  The Gau was headed to Deggendorf with 900 tons of steel rolls. The water police has detain both vessels and launched an investigation into the incident.


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