Allisions in Kiel Canal

Allisions in Kiel Canal


The 148 meter long container ship DS Agility allided with pilings near Schülp, Germany in the Kiel Canal.  The DS Agility was en route to Riga from Rotterdam when it lost power and struck the pilings.  No reports of injuries, damage or pollution released.  The water police launched an investigation into the incident.

Passaat-1042522The 82 meter long cargo vessel Passaat allided with the lock gate at Brunsbüttel, Germany. The Passaat was en route to Vierow from Grimsby in ballast when it entered the lock.  Strong winds was pushing the vessel towards the gate when the bow thruster failed.   The gate suffered significant damage while the Passaat sustained minor damage to its bow.  The vessel dropped anchor at Rügen where divers will survey its hull.

Johanna-1187051The 121 meter long container ship Johanna allided with the jetty at Brunsbüttel, Germany.  The Johanna was caught by a wind gust while leaving the lock when it struck the jetty.  The jetty suffered on minor damage.  No injuries or pollution released. The Johanna was en route to Antwerp from Kokkola.  The water police has launched an investigation into the incident.

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