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Day: January 19, 2017

Meridian Tres

Meridian Tres

Meridian Tres

On November 17, the 86 meter long, 3506 dwt cargo vessel Meridian Tres capsized and sank near  Dawahon Island, Philippines. The Meridian Tres departed from Tacloban City bound for Cebu City with a cargo of 160  20-foot containers.  Gale warnings had been posted but waters were still calm leaving the port.

Six hours later while off Dawahon Island, the seas increased intensity. Heavy seas and strong winds pummeled the cargo vessel.  Before the Meridian Tres could find any shelter, the heavy seas caused the stack of containers on the cargo deck to shift. Unable to maintain stability, the vessel quickly developed a severe list to port. With no hope to save the cargo ship, the master sent out a distress call and ordered the crew to abandon ship.

The Philippines Coast Guard received the call and quickly responded.  Aided by three  nearby vessels (LCT-PMI 8, Filipinas Butuan and Ocean Kingdom), a search and rescue operation to search for survivors. Twenty-eight crew were later rescued, but one crew member was still listed as missing.

Reports state the Meridian Trese continued to float before it finally capsized and sank a short time later. The Philippine Coast Guard has dispatched vessels to monitor the area for possible pollution released.