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Day: January 30, 2017

Atlantic Osprey

Atlantic Osprey

Atlantic Osprey

The wooden fishing vessel Atlantic Osprey ran aground and sank off Balbriggan near Dublin, Ireland. The Atlantic Osprey was fishing razor clams when it suffered a power blackout after the main engine failed.  The crew attempted to restart the engine, but could not restore power before the vessel was blown onto an offshore sandbank near the Balbriggan harbour.   Waves pounded the wooden hull causing the seams to open up allowing water ingress.

The crew alerted local authorities the Atlantic Osprey was in danger and needed assistance. The Coast Guard dispatched a helicopter to the scene while the RNLI launched lifeboats from Howth Skerries and Clogherhead as part of the rescue effort. The Howth Skerries lifeboat was able to pull alongside the Atlantic Osprey and safely transfer all 5 crew. No reports of injuries.

After the crew were rescued, authorities attempted to keep the Atlantic Osprey afloat. Three pumps were placed on the trawler, but the flooding could not be brought under control. The vessel later partially sank a few hours later.

Reports state there are efforts to salvage the fishing vessel.  No signs of pollution were reported, but the vessel contained 400 litres of diesel fuel at the time of the incident.