MS Nordlys Fire

MS Nordlys Fire





The 123 meter long, 860 dwt MS Nordlys caught fire just prior to arriving at Alesund, Norway.   The cruise ship was traveling north with 262 people on board from Bergen on the route that takes the vessel up to Kirkenes, located above the Arctic Circle.   Reports state that two people perished and nine others were taken to hospital with some suffering from serious burns and smoke inhalation.  At least four people are reported missing and may still be on board the vessel.   The crew sealed off parts of the vessel due to the heavy smoke.   The fire started in the engine room and spread to other sections of the Nordlys.   Firefighters from Alesund called out all personnel to help bring the fire under control.


Update 1

All on board the MS Nordlys have been accounted for.  Reports now state that two died, 16 were injured of which two had severe burns (one report states these were two crewmen who were mechanics).   Pumps were brought on board the passenger ship as had developed a list.   One report stated this was due to the efforts of the fire fighters, but another states the water was caused by water ingress in the engine room via the cooling system.   One theory to the cause of the blaze, was that there was an explosion in the engine room.

Passengers reported that no alarm was sounded before the smoke appeared.   However, they did state there was no panic on board as everyone was calm when they evacuated to the lifeboats.


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