Rena Listing Again

Rena Listing Again

More Oil

Authorities state that the additional 200 to 300 tons of oil being release may come from the duct keel or from a tank in the aft section of the vessel.

Listing to Starboard

The latest report from Maritime New Zealand states the container ship Rena has listed over 18 degrees to starboard.    The Rena had had been listing around 11 degrees to port when it was nearly level after several rocks under the vessel gave way.  If the list to starboard increases, there is high chance that deck cargo of containers will fall into the sea.  There are 1368 containers on board the Rena with several containing hazardous materials.   Four containers contain ferrosilicon which reacts with water releasing hydrogen gas.   Another concern is that the vessel will decrease its metacentric height and be at a greater risk of capsizing or breaking up.

Students ask for more action by NZ Gov.
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Oil Recovery

Authorities report that 3,500 tons of oily water has been recovered by two water recovery vessels and offloaded at Tauranga.   No additional oil has been transferred off the Rena to the Awanuia.


Heavy swells up to 5 meters and winds gusting up to 30 knots should continue with conditions easing over the next few days with waves down to 2 meters and 15 knot winds.

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