Rena Update

Rena Update


Conditions are expected to worsen with swells increasing up to 2.5 meters and winds from 25 to 35 knots for the next few days.


Salvage teams continue to pump oil off the container ship Rena.  Latest report states that the crew were able to pump some 70 tons of oil off the vessel.  The focus has been on the accessible port tank.  Additional equipment including steam units may make the process go faster.  The oil in the tank has cooled and is more like a paste than liquid.  The steam units will help heat the oil and make it easier to pump.

Statement from Svitzer Salvage team leader Captain Drew Shannon:.

“It’s a difficult and challenging operation. Our team is taking their time to remove the oil safely to minimise further risk to the environment.  We are also working feverishly in the background with planning and logistics on the removal of containers. Our priority however remains the removal of the oil from the Rena.  We’re continuing steadily with the transfer of oil. We had to first prove the system and now are working to improve that and speed up the removal process.”

Oil Cleanup

Clean up crews along the beach have gathered some 53 tons of solid waste making the total of 744 tons collected so far.

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